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Magic Kitten - double trouble
Magic Kitten - A glittering gallop
Magic kitten - a splash of forever
How to train your dragon
Choose your own nightmare - It happened at camp pine tree
Freddy Funster's Circus - Precious Potter - The heaviest cat in the world
Cat's cradle - Klutz
Andy Pandy - Teddy Long legs
Play-Doh - circus fun
Marlene's Magic Birthday
Veggie Tales - Three pirates and a duck
Veggie Tales - The good, The bad, and the silly
The dream of Aengus
Chimps don't wear glasses
Curious George takes a job
Curious George goes to the hospital
Power puff girls - beat your greens
Power puff girls - power pals - best friends forever
Power puff girls - snow-off
Power puff girls - Saving the world before bedtime
PJ Funny bunny in the great tricycle race
The joke book
New friend, blue friend
The backyardigans - Rescue patrol
The backyardigans - Castaways
Backwards Day
The lunch line
No Tooth, No Quarter
Littlest pet shop - totally talented pets
The night of the Circus Monsters
Sesame Street - big bird can share
Sesame Street - No more diapers
Sesame Street - Going places
Sesame Street - would you like to play hide and seek
Sesame Street - Grover and the everything in the whole wide world museum
Sesame Street - Unwelcome to grouchland
Sesame Street - What big bird's toes know
Sesame Street - Sign language ABC
Sesame Street - Ernie gets lost
Sesame Street - Silly Stories
Sesame Street - A baby sister for Herry
Sesame Street - A - my name is Alice - an alphabet book
Super Sudoku for kids (new)
101 Bug jokes
101 silly summertime jokes
The Klutz Yo Yo book (purple/black)
The Klutz Yo Yo book
Charlie the Lonesome cougar
Dudley and the strawberry shake
The Chocolatier's Apprentice